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Banning Cup 2019

Tinsley Park Golf Club's annual and prestigeous Banning Cup competition was played on Saturday 15th June 2019.  This year the Winner was Mr Steve Little of Grange Park GC with a nett score of 132 after 36 holes, with each round yielding a great score of 66. The best gross score for the Ledger Trophy was made by Mr Brad Tomlinson of Phoenix GC with a score of 138 (72 & 66). This year the main sponsor was again Crucible Sales & Lettings alongside SIV, who provided the course and other facilities. Each tee had its own sponsor and thanks go to them for their participation. Congratulations must go to the greenstaff who presented a high quality and testing course, considering there was no help from the weather during the week before. Thanks also go to the catering staff in the Club-house and also to the helpers who saw to it that the competition ran smoothly and came to a successful conclusion.


A Brief History

The magnificent Banning Cup was presented on 13th June 1921 by Captain Fred W Banning as an annual 36 hole competition under medal and handicap conditions. 

The trophy was complemented as one of the finest golfing trophies in the country by a writer in the Sheffield Telegraph in the same year.

The Cup was first played for on Saturday 8th October 1921 with 76 players taking part from clubs such as Buxton, Lincoln, Nottingham, Worksop and Woodsetts participating.

 The inaugural winner was 24 year old Stanley Jessop, a Darnall man and a Tinsley Park Golf Club member (who had only been playing golf since June of that year and never received any coaching) with scores of 66 and 70 net (136 net), the runner-up was A Melling with scores of 76 and 67 net (143 net).

Past Winners of Banning Cup

Year Winner
1921 S Jessop
1922 A Cawkwell
1923 W H Fox
1924 A Hoyland
1925 T Lowe
1926 E Cooper
1927 E Collinson
1928 D S Jackson
1929 F W G Church
1930 C Bird
1931 A W Westerman
1932 A Hill
1933 S Jarvis
1934 G E Jackson
1935 C Fox
1936 W H N Haslam
1937 E Turner
1938 J A Harrison
1939 F M Taylor
1950 H Bates
1951 A Sorby
1952 C Ashby
1953 P Hoyland
1954 P Hoyland
1955 B Houlden
1956 R A Twigg
1957 G Plumb
1958 J Burkinshaw
1959 D Brown
1960 P Smith
1961 T R Armeson
1962 T R Aremson
1963 J O'Sullivan
1964 J L Ledger
1965 D V Allen
1966 E Robbins
1967 F Horseman
1968 T Hale
1969 J Timms
1970 P Milne
1971 P Congreve
1972 P H Stacey
1973 M R Thornhill
1974 M R Thornhill
1975 J Booth
1976 F Horseman
1977 J L Ledger
1978 A R Gelsthorpe 
1979 M Thornhill
1980 N Higginbottom
1981 K Smart
1982 D E Robbins
1983 J Leveridge
1984 K Godbehere
1985 G Beresford
1986 B Carter
1987 S H Conroy
1988 I Barringham
1989 J Abdy
1990 P Hardwick
1991 L Melrose
1992 E Gilberthorpe
1993 E Gilberthorpe
1994 G Haigh
1995 A Longbottom
1996 S Russell
1997 A Winter
1998 P Wilson
1999 D Griffiths
2000 K Warburton
2001 R Bee
2002 P Barlow
2003 R Cooke
2004 G Southward
2005 A Rodgers
2006 S Wales
2007 P Craig
2008 P Craig
2009 C Rennie
2010 C Brothwell
2011 J Wales
2012 J Perry
2013 S Wales
2014 D Cox
2015 A Robinson
2016  R. Dixon